A&E sells products that reduce air infiltration, reduce thermal bridging and increase thermal performance so you can live in comfort.

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Who We Are

At our very core we are simply Geeks.  

Although we have taken differing paths to get here, in the end, the staff at A&E, are energy geeks.

We see no reason that anyone should pay $200.00 per month for energy when they could pay $100.00 or even $75.00.

We think that you should be able to sit on your couch watching the game in your pjs without the need of a blanket or two.

A&E is a group of dedicated professionals with the true desire to help our customers meet the energy performance goals they have set for their projects and get the comfort they expect from their buildings.

Not only do we scour the world for the best available products to meet our customers rigorous standards, we have been trained by some of the most preeminent building scientists. So we really know how this stuff works.



Our Customers

Our Customers:

Are building owners looking for incomparable products to make their spaces more comfortable.

Our Customers:

Are design professionals seeking solutions that meet their high demands for product quality and customer service.

Our Customers:

Are Builders and Contractors that need a reliable source for high performance building systems and information that meet the most rigorous building standards in the world.


Customer Focus

A&E understands that decisions made to buy one product over another are critical to a projects budget, building performance and the owners satisfaction.

We ask many questions.

You might find it a bit annoying but we want to get it right. Understanding every detail helps create a satisfying customer experience.

We are information junkies.

We believe that knowledge is power and seek to offer our customers a wealth of information to help them make informed, intelligent decisions.

We are doers. 

Many times you’ll find us at the job site assisting in the unloading of product. Perhaps you’ll see us inspecting an installation. The point is, our job doesn’t end until our customers are satisfied.

We want to hear it. 

No one is perfect, and mistakes can happen, but we want to make it right. Tell us if there is something we need to correct. We will do all we can to make it right.